About Us

Limitless Ideas Limited

We, Limitless Ideas Limited, is registered under the prestigious Masdar City – The one and only zero carbon emission city in the world – in Abu Dhabi emirate of UAE. We are specialized in environmental products and services – specifically into liquid spill absorbents and stain removers.

We would like to introduce to you a technologically and environmentally superior liquid absorbent, that is 100% developed and manufactured in USA and being utilized widely by many major establishments, including NASA.

GREENSORB is a 100% bio-based product and can be reused on spills, thus saving on the cost part also. It will help you save time and man hours spent on spill containing and handling of resultant hazardous waste by simplifying the liquid spill absorption as easy and effortless while being environment and pocket friendly. Please find below the links of few products demo videos for your references.