Green Sorb

The all natural, multi-purpose, reusable absorbent that safely absorbs almost every liquid spill imaginable


Use Greensorb multiple times on different spills


Use Less Dispose Less Spend Less


Converts liquid waste into dry solid waste

Green Sorb

Effective on tough spills while saving time & reducing waste volume

Greensorb Absorbs

  • Industrial lubricants, hydraulics, and solvents
  • Fuels like Jet-A, diesel, JP-8 and heating oils
  • Chemicals, paints, acids, and oxidizers
  • Medical & lab fluids, blood, urine, and vomit
  • Kitchen grease, food spills, wine and liquor

Save 15% or More with Greensorb

  • Reusable
  • Use less, dispose less
  • Works faster on more liquid spills
  • Reduce handling and storage costs
  • Use less water and liquid cleaners













  • Gritty non-slip material for floor spills
  • Changes Hazardous liquids into dry
  • solid waste
  • Clean & dust free
  • Reduces flammability & ignitability
  • Use inside or outside, wet or dry


  • Independent labs confirm test results
  • OSHA accepted
  • USDA, E.P.A. & D.O.E. accepted
  • NSF® certified



How can Greensorb help your business?


Commercial Facilities





Chemical Industry


Commercial Kitchen




Waste Services

Oil and Gas



  • Coil cleaners and refrigerant
  • Home heating oils
  • Vacuum pump and other HVAC oils
  • Acid descalers and glycols
  • Boiler and other system treatments

Waste Services

  • Converts hazardous liquids into solid waste
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Spills during pickup operations

Aerospace and Aviation

  • Jet-A or Diesel Fuel leaks or spills
  • Skydrol and other hydraulic oils
  • Turbine and other motor oils
  • Solvents or cleaning acids
  • Deicing operational spills
  • Battery acids

Oil and Gas

  • Home Heating Oil, Diesel, JP-8, Kerosene
  • Hydraulic fluids and anti-freeze
  • Storage tank and fuel tank leaks
  • Gear oils, brake fluids, and transmission fluids

Hydraulic Equipment

  • Specialty fluids such as SKYDROL®
  • Conventional petroleum based hydraulic fluids
  • Sustainable, Biobased hydraulic fluids like Envirologic®
  • All ISO Types – Heavy or Light duty oils

Greensorb Use and Reuse

Greensorb is a reusable absorbent which can be used multiple times on various types of spills

Light Use

Medium Use

Full Use

Cleanup Process

1. Spread a generous amount of Greensorb over a liquid spill.

2. Allow Greensorb to absorb the spill for 2-5 minutes.

3. Mix the Greensorb over the spill area using a broom or firm brush. Use additional Greensorb as needed.

4. Sweep up the dry Greensorb material and place into container or Greensorb Caddy for reuse.

5. After multiple uses Greensorb will become & remain a dark brown color and is ready for disposal.

6. Follow all Company Standard Operating Procedures for spill waste disposal. If there are no formal S.O.P.’s then dispose of Greensorb as normal waste in accordance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations.

Caution: Do not use on Hydrofluoric Acid.